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Angie and Chad met randomly on US Airways flight #1930 in Charlotte, NC on August 7, 2013.  Chad was coming home from a last minute business trip from Florida and Angie was returning from her annual Mastermind Seminar in San Diego. Angie decided that morning before leaving San Diego that it was going to be a great day no matter what. The day started out good because Angie got a free upgrade to First Class. Little did she know the power of a made up mind to be happy and have a great day was so true.

Chad was sitting in first class and Angie boarded the plane.  Another passenger was sitting in her seat by mistake.  The passenger indicated that his seat was beside Chad so Angie decided to take his original seat, lucky for Chad 🙂  When Angie sat down, Chad noticed her from their local gym that they both worked out at 5 AM most mornings.  Angie immediately starting telling Chad that there was no way he knew her from the gym. Most people that see Angie daily from the gym don’t recognize her without her famous ball cap and no make-up look. They spent the entire flight home talking and sharing a bottle of wine after Chad finished his Burger King Whopper. The story of their life started there.  Once they got home, Chad and Angie went out for dinner the following week at Colonial Country Club and the rest is history.   They got engaged on February 7, 2015 when Chad led Angie into a room full of candles with the words Will You Marry Me spelled out in rose petals. Of course Angie said yes and was speechless for almost an hour after. Chad and Angie will be getting married in the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club in Naples, Florida on October 1, 2016.

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