Engagement Session | Caitlin + Edward | Naples Photography Studio

Caitlin and Edward’s love story started on July 15th, 2014 when they met in a Scuba Diving Certification class.  Edward had signed up for the class looking for a challenging new adventure and Caitlin had been encouraged to sign up by somebody she was dating at the time.  As with all good love stories though, what was meant to be eventually found its way and little did they know it but they had both signed up for one of life’s greatest adventures!
A few months after getting certified Caitlin was on a short trip to the Bahamas with a girlfriend and posted a picture on Instagram that would unknowingly reconnect her to Edward.  He “liked” the picture and Caitlin knew immediately that she needed to strike up a conversation.  She brought up an upcoming dive trip to Pompano Beach that the dive shop was hosting and they agreed that they would both go.
Edward said in order to be dive buddies on the trip they would need to go out on his boat for a sunset cruise first.  On the way back to the dock Edward surprised Caitlin with dinner reservations and on the evening of April 2nd, 2015 they both had their last first date!  It didn’t take long for them to know that they were meant to be – and from dive buddies to best friends their relationship blossomed!
A year and seven months later Edward asked Caitlin if she wanted to catch the sunset at the beach before heading downtown for date night.  After a romantic walk down the beach they paused for a moment to watch the sun meet the horizon.  At that moment Caitlin’s son Keegan snuck up from behind them with a ring box and bouquet of roses.  Caitlin was caught off guard wondering where he came from and at that moment Keegan passed Edward the ring and he knelt down in the sand and proposed with the sun setting behind them.
As they headed back to the house Edward had one more surprise for Caitlin as several of their closest friends and family were waiting for them back home.  Champagne, cupcakes, good stories, and lots of love filled the remainder of the night – including an impromptu slideshow from the photographers Edward had hiding at the beach!  Needless to say, sunsets in Naples will always have a special meaning for them now!

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