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This love story begins in the winter of 2008.
It was December of 2008. Vanessa’s family had moved to Naples earlier that year in May. Almost every day Vanessa’s brother, Andre, would go outside and play with a group of kids that he had become good friends with. One day, Vanessa and her cousin Kassandra were outside and all the boys were outside playing. Since Vanessa hadn’t gone outside since she first moved to Naples, all of Andre’s new friends were anxious to meet her. It got dark and just before Vanessa’s mom would go out and yell for them to come inside, she saw him. Oswaldo had come outside and she met him for the very first time. In all honesty they didn’t think of each other as anything special, considering they both were only 13 years old. Months went by after that first meeting and with each passing month, Vanessa’s feelings grew for Oswaldo; so she did what any girl her age would do, she went to Andre. Andre is the reason Oswaldo and Vanessa got together and that is where it all began.
For the next 8 years, they spent as much time as possible together, getting to know each other. They went out on dinner dates, to the movies, on fishing trips, the beach, fairs, and even on vacations. Of course there were obstacles along the way but what great relationships don’t? As their relationship blossomed so did they. Although they are polar opposites, Vanessa and Oswaldo belong together like pieces of a puzzle. They balance each other out, possessing what the other doesn’t have, and that is why the are perfectly made for each other.


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