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naples engagement photographerJefferson:

When I was fourteen I used to ride the bus to and from school. Bus # 734 to be exact. In this bus I made a really good friend. His name was Anthony, AKA Mak. He was a very chill guy and seemed to be interested in the same subjects as me. I used to sit in the back of the bus with Mak on a regular. However, one day I got on the bus too late and all of the seats in the back were taken so I ended up sitting alone on a row towards the front of the bus. Bored, since I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I borrowed a girls marine biology book and started reading it. I had come to the last few words of the page and right when I was going to flip it, a small hand charged towards the book and prevented me from doing so.

naples engagement photographers


“Change is a big factor in life ” being fourteen I never understood the word change and frankly I never payed much attention to that word nor my surroundings. But there I was, franticly running to my bus thinking about how my parents were going to kill me if I missed it. Made it! The next thing I know the bus driver started yelling ” sit down.” So I sat down far way from my usual spot. At that moment I saw it, this beautiful marine biology book. Something about science always sparked my interest, but marine biology was mesmerizing so I began to read. Wait, I can’t read that fast and before I knew it, my hand was on that book.

naples engagements Jefferson:

At that instant I thought to myself “how rude” but when I fixed my eyes on the person that interrupted my reading I felt like I owed her my undivided attention. You know that feeling you get when nothing else matters but the person in front of you. Yes, it literally felt like the time paused for an instant. It was just me and her and I did not know what to do. I decided to return the book and introduce myself. “my name is Jefferson Romero how about you, what’s your name?” She replied “my name is Veyda”. What a unique & beautiful name I thought. Even though I had just met Veyda, I felt as if I knew her already. Inevitably, this was all part of God’s beautiful plan, He created us for one another and thats how he wanted us to meet. That day He made it known that I would love Veyda just like Jesus Christ loves his church.

naples engagement photography


It was the first time in my life that I felt like time had stopped, I had realized what I had done but it didn’t matter because the moment the person holding that book saw me, was the moment my life changed. The look on his face meant the world to me and I will never forget it. His smile was warm, unimpeachable and loving, and his eyes were filled with wonder, he looked like he had seen something astonishing, extraordinary, beautiful. I couldn’t help to laugh and jump for joy. But then he gave the book away and I came back to reality. He formally introduce himself with a handshake. At that moment I felt so weird but I loved it because I knew he was good. We conversed the whole bus ride home. Before I left, he gave me this soft look with his alluring brown eyes and I gave him a gentle smile.To this day I think about that day and how I kept saying to myself that he was special. He’s the boy that God wanted me to meet and the man He wanted me to marry.


naples engagement photographyThis is the story of how we met and little by little this good-natured friendship grew into love. Now here we are, almost 11 years later, and a lot has changed, but we are happy knowing that we grew-up together and that our love is warm and constant. That God is always with us, and that in His name we will wed on July 20,2019. We can’t wait to become three, him, God, and her. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and know that we are very excited to see all of you at our wedding!

With lot’s of love,

Future Mr & Mrs Romero

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