Marco Island Beach Ocean Resort Wedding | Elizabeth + Jestin | Marco Island Wedding Photographer

Elizabeth and Jestin met over a glass of sangria… or two… at La Bodega in Downtown Kansas City. There was a small spark between the two—barely visible—and they both agreed they liked the other a little bit.

A few weeks later, Elizabeth invited Jestin to a show at her favorite local venue where Elizabeth was totally amazed by Jestin’s incredible dance moves (this may or may not true, but the groom would like to remember it this way so what can you do?) They laughed and talked and both agreed they liked one another a bit more than they had before.

Elizabeth came out to the lake for a boat ride and a chilly swim. She brought sandwiches, sour patch kids, a bottle of red wine which was soon spilled all over the boat if you can imagine and a swimsuit. …Jestin brought his dog, who likes spilled wine just as much wine in the glass. They laughed and talked and told stories and both agreed they liked one another more than they had before.

Elizabeth and Jestin have both experienced life and its twists and turns. Their paths have not been typical. Neither have ever chosen the road more traveled. They have journeyed, they have searched and been lost and been found. It took a while, but they found each other. And so the rest is history. The past a rehearsal. All meaningful experiences getting them ready for all the great things to come.

Both would agree that their wedding day was the best day of their lives: the people they love, the venue, the food, the music and getting to experience it all with the one they chose to spend the rest of their live with –it was truly magical. They will never forget any of it, but just in case they do there are pictures;) Their favorite part was standing at the alter together and giving their vows. It was like everyone else just disappeared and it was just the two of them up there. One month later the two are still happily married in Kansas City where they live with their big black dog and all of Elizabeth’s clothes.

Kakes by Karen
Jewelry by Johan
A&E Diamond and Gold Brokers
DJ Dominick
Duality Artistry
Hugo Boss
Kathrine Deane
Galina Manovska
Botanicals on the Gulf
New Ground Photography

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