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Life is a mysterious and magical journey and it isn’t until all the noise quiets, the chaos slows down, the energy pulling us forward each day pauses, shifts, and a piece of the heart opens just wide enough to let an extraordinary love in – the kind that changes the life forever. A country jam isn’t exactly the ideal setting for such a moment, but what love has taught these two is that magic happens anywhere and everywhere if they simply open their hearts to receive it.

Matt and Jenn were guided by their love from the moment they met January 25th of 2014 at a country jam in Florida. There’s a belief that the soul is one half to the whole it is meant to be and is in a constant state of searching for it’s other half. Once the soul seeks it’s mate, the force is so great it is only it’s fullest, most complete self when connected. Like this belief, the force of Matt and Jenn’s love could not keep them apart despite the roadblocks life brought them. Jenn had plans to move to Pennsylvania soon after they met and postponed her move as long as she could, but she had committed to make the move in March and so she left – her heart lingering in Florida with Matt. Knowing he couldn’t let this woman leave his life so easily, Matt showed up in Pennsylvania a week later. The adventures of love began and the two decided to move back to Florida to be closer to Matt’s son Landon. And so their little family blossomed and a sweet white husky named Dakota joined their home. A week before Christmas, Matt proposed to Jenn to marry and share a life, a family, a home together. Jenn’s heart already had accepted this man as her soulmate and now she could share her love in ceremony with her family and friends. On November 7th of 2015, Matt and Jenn were married before a beautiful sunset on the beach in Marco Island amongst their closest loved ones.

Dress: Vera Wang
Flowers: Botanicals on the gulf (Kevin)
Hair and makeup : Salon Tease
Band : Brett Foreman band
Cake : Ella’s cakes

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