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Naples Engagement Session | Meredith + Jimmy

Meredith and Jimmy met on a blind date thanks to the thoughtful matchmaking of a mutual family friend on September 20, 2022 at a local microbrewery. Jimmy found out early in the conversation that Meredith does not like beer… 

The first date was effortless. If anyone asked Jimmy how the date went he responded with “she was easy to talk to.” Meredith knew she liked Jimmy right away. There was something different about Jimmy (in a good way!) a level of comfort that she had not experienced before.

They texted briefly the days following the first date but then Jimmy stopped responding. Meredith was confused since the date had gone well and the idea of seeing each other was agreed upon as they said goodbye. What Meredith didn’t know was that Jimmy wanted to take things very sloooooooowly and was not planning on seeing Meredith again until “after the holidays” as he did not want the hassle of bringing a new person to holiday gatherings and meeting his family.

Meredith, confused by Jimmy’s lack of communication sent him a happy birthday text in mid October. Meredith took that opportunity to ask Jimmy if he wanted to see her again. Jimmy responded that he did want to see her again but was trying to figure out a second date activity. He threw out the idea of bowling. Meredith politely declined bowling and instead suggested the gun range. With a suggestion like that, Jimmy was intrigued.

After that, Jimmy decided he could probably see Meredith once a week. (He still didn’t want to bring Meredith to his family’s Christmas!) That, however, did not last long. Soon they were going on dates multiple times per week. Jimmy asked Meredith if she wanted to be “official” on January 7, 2023. 

Meredith and Jimmy got engaged on December 17, 2023 and will be celebrating the second anniversary of their first date by getting married.

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